The Best Exotic Locations to Visit on a Budget

Before the advent of inexpensive air travel, exotic international destinations were a privilege for the very wealthy. Nowadays, however, most people are surprised to discover that they can enjoy last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages on even the smallest of budgets. Here are some of the most exciting yet low cost places to travel to.

Top of the list for one of the most thrilling yet inexpensive places to travel to on a budget is Egypt. A land with a rich and fascinating history, there are many great last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages available on the market making the dream of visiting this intriguing African country a reality for many.

With cheap flights and even cheaper prices when in the country, Egypt is an extremely affordable option. Tourists on a smaller budget are guaranteed to be able to visit all the monuments they want and taste all the local dishes they desire and still have money left over for the duty free in the airport on the return journey.

Another increasingly popular destination for inexpensive last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages is Vietnam. With Visas cheap to obtain and great deals on flights and hotels, any holidaymaker on a budget can enjoy the enchanting landscapes and captivating cities of the country with money to spare.

Similarly to Egypt, the price of transport, food and accommodation is very low, meaning that money can go a lot further in Vietnam. Popular locations for the best last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc Island.

Also in the Far East, Indonesia is a great place for those looking for inexpensive yet exotic holiday packages. The islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi all offer a variety of attractions, stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences for great prices in even the most developed of areas.

In addition to their great value last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages, travellers to Indonesia can expect to rent a motorbike here for only £8 per day, take a 5-day all-inclusive cruise for as little as £150 and enjoy quality hotel accommodation for £5 per night.

On the other side of the world, Mexico is a great option for those looking for the best last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages. This country offers everything from sandy beaches to rugged mountains and also boasts an intriguing cultural heritage. There is something here for everyone, whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a history buff.

The best places to get great deals in Mexico are the less touristic city and beach areas, where travellers have more bargaining power and can obtain tours and meals for rock-bottom prices. This coupled with the low cost of your last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages means any budget can stretch a lot further in Mexico.

Another great exotic location to visit on a budget is Honduras. Situated in the Caribbean, this Central American country is great fro scuba diving and beautiful deserted beaches. Right next to the longest coral reef in the world, Honduras is great for people looking to get away from the crowds and immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world.

The last minute deals available today mean that visiting Honduras can be as inexpensive as travelling to several European resorts, with the one caveat of having to spend longer on an aeroplane to get there.

These are just some ideas of the best exotic locations that any traveller can visit on a tight budget. Finding the best last minute holiday deals and all inclusive packages and carefully planning your expenditure will guarantee a life-changing and mind-blowing travel experience awaits you for very little money indeed.

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