Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals

You have just found the perfect place to do little or nothing (and not feel guilty) on your next beach vacation – Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Here you can run your toes through the sand, take to a blanket and meditate to the sounds of the tides, or just breathe in the fresh air. Ocean Isle Beach rental homes cottages and condos make for the perfect respite after a long day of well, doing nothing. Choose from a cozy beachfront cottage or an efficient condo where you may meet a few new friends as interested in being lazy as you are.

For the whole family, a large ocean side home might be just the thing. There are three nearby resort communities in which you can look for accommodations – Calabash, Shallotte and Sunset Beach. All of these communities provide outstanding rentals that come fully furnished, with complete kitchens and linen service. From there you can choose your list of amenities. Some Ocean Isle Beach rentals have gourmet kitchens and designer decor, high def television and high speed internet. You will find private hot tubs and pools, exquisite sundecks and amazing views all on the menu in Ocean Isle Beach vacation rentals. Check out the listings found on this site, all offered by reputable rental management companies you can trust. Then, get ready to relax!

Just down the road from Ocean Isle Beach is North Myrtle Beach, where you can travel to for some shopping and lunch if you have the energy. You can also play some golf, with plenty of well maintained courses from which to choose. The beaches here, though, are the stars of the beach vacation show. Ocean Isle Beach is seven miles long and located near the southern tip of North Carolina. The beaches have public access every 500 feet, and are wide and sloping. There are no drop offs, making it a family friendly resort destination as well. If you like to spend some time in the water as well, the temperature is a full ten degrees warmer than more popular Cape Hatteras. If you do crave a day of activity, head 30 miles south to Myrtle Beach.

10 Tips to a Fun Time in a Beach Vacation Rental Home

Planning a getaway weekend or a holiday trip with your family can be lots of fun! How can you find just the right place? Pick an area that seems interesting, or do a search for a cool place online. Look for the right place for your visit on vacation rental websites. Be sure you choose a reputable one, and look at many different sites to get a good feel for the area you are looking at. Finding the right beach house for your Beach House Vacation is easy, just put in the area you want to visit, and the parameters of the dates and size of a house you need. Then have fun looking at all of the great choices you have!

Here are some ideas to keep in mind before you book:

1. Be sure you know the room and bed count, so you can plan who sleeps where ahead of time.

2. If you have children, ask if there are toys or special equipment such as cribs or high chairs

3. Make sure you know what you have to bring – linens, cooking equipment?

4. Ask the owner about special or fun features about their home

5. Be clear about stairs you may have to climb, both to bedrooms and to the front door! Don’t be caught by surprise, know you have to climb 2 full sets of stairs to reach the door

6. Locate fun things to do in the area ahead of time, find out what the area is known for

7. Ask about parking, be sure you know about any local restrictions, such as homeowner’s associations. Getting towed can put a real damper on a fun trip!

8. Off season may be the time to travel – especially to the beach! Ask if you can have an extra day for free. Sometimes, even if the owner won’t discount, they may be able to give extra time

9. Locate restaurants ahead of time, read reviews and see if you can find a local discount coupon.

10. Find out about services – do you need to gas up before you head to the rental? What about groceries? Close or far away?

To have a wonderful trip of a lifetime, rent a really fun Vacation Beach House for your family getaway! Be sure to do your research on what is available to do in the area. Find out if the beach is safe for swimming – does it have lifeguards? Are there any warnings in effect for using the beach? Check out things like hiking, fishing, or beach combing. Do you need to pay to get into the beach? Would you need a fishing license?

If your group enjoys cooking, be sure to look into local markets where you can buy fresh fish or veggies. Maybe you can locate a Farmer’s Market, or buy fish right off the boat or out of the bay.

Simple Tips on How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental Facilities

Everyone deserves a vacation to relieve stress brought by several months or years of hectic and busy schedules, both at work and at school. Vacation is beneficial to your health because it releases stress and energizes your body. Despite its significance to your health and well-being, not all individuals have enough money to finance their travel or vacation. Because of your meager funds, it is important that you plan your travels and consider all options available to avail the break that you rightfully deserve. You have to consider where you can stay, like hotels, motels, villas, condominiums and vacation rentals. Due to the popularity of hotel and motel reservations, not all travelers are aware of the existence of rentals and the amenities and services they offer.

Vacation rental is the term used by travel industry to mean leasing or renting a fully furnished apartment or a house, instead of a hotel. It becomes a popular option to tourists and travelers because of its benefits, like convenient locations, amenities, fireplaces, privacy, multiple bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and many more. However, it has its corresponding disadvantages as well, including lack of on-site staff, unfamiliarity with the property, quality of service, and the need to communicate directly with property owners, but these issues can be prevented by negotiating directly with travel agencies or property custodians that manage these properties.

If you have trouble finding the right vacation rental facilities, read on and follow the tips mentioned.

Before traveling anywhere, ask referrals from friends, relatives and colleagues, otherwise surf the Internet to find several vacation rentals to compare their services, fees, location, and amenities offered. You can also inquire from Vacation Rental Managers Association for their ratings, customer complaints, credentials and accreditation.

Factors to consider:

· Plan ahead before taking a trip and book a month earlier at the apartment, house or villa of your choice.
· You have to ensure that the vacation rental facility you have chosen provides cleaning equipment and implements you need, otherwise you have to buy your own small vacuum cleaner, detergent bars, insect spray or cleaning gloves.
· Check if they furnish three separate garbage cans for biodegradable objects, non biodegradable waste and toxic waste.
· Ask information about tourist destinations and vacation activities offered in the vicinity, like beaches, resorts, supermarkets, local restaurants and scenic attractions.

· Inquire about the amenities offered, including kitchen, books, DVDs, living room, bathroom swimming pool, entertainment games and appliances.
· If you plan to have a vacation with family members, know the vacation rental facility’s policy, like number of occupants allowed, pets, parking space and number of children policy, number of children permitted.
· Check for the availability of their fire and emergence exit, water sprinklers, and emergency numbers. Also know if it meets the standards set by local fire department and building inspector.
· Before signing the lease contract, know its cancellation policy and the check in and out dates.
· Ensure that the vacation rental you have selected is in ideal spot and near the attractions that you intend to visit.

Vacation Rental Tips and Tricks

Hotels are certainly the most common type of travel accommodation, but vacation rentals are a great option if you’re hoping to save money and have a more comfy, private holiday. You can choose from condos, homes, and cabins, and most all come with professional cleaning services, a full-service kitchen, and all the electronic conveniences (cable TV, air conditioning, laundry machine) you’re accustomed to at home. To get the most out of your rental experience, follow our vacation rental tips and tricks. We’ll help you find a rental, save money, and have the best vacation possible.

First, think about what you want in a rental. Are you more concerned about the property’s location or ammenities? Do you plan to do a lot of cooking at your rental? Are you hoping for laundry machines? Figure out what you want first because all rentals have their pros and cons. Once you’ve sorted out your priorities, do a little homework and research rental properties located in areas you like. Scour online reviews and be sure to check out each property’s details, management, and ammenities. If you want to save even more money, try booking during the off-season.

Once you’ve decided on a property and date, contact the owners or management company and be sure to get a good look at the contract. Some properties ask you to pay for items like utility bills, cable, phone service, internet, propane/gas, and cleaning services. If you don’t get a good look at these details beforehand, you might be confronted with unexpected costs later on. For example, some vacation rentals ask that you clean the house after you leave. If you don’t, they will charge you an extra fee for housekeeping. Book the rental only after you’ve read and understood all its details.

Now that you’ve found and booked your vacation rental, save money wherever you can by taking advantage of the rental’s features. If your rental comes with a kitchen, cook meals at home. At the very least, you could try to eat breakfast and lunch at your rental home and have dinner out. If your rental offers laundry services, try to limit the amount of clothing you bring along. You could pack just a few outfits and then wash them whenever they are dirty or stinky. This will help you lighten your luggage and could even save you on airfare fees. Finally, if you’re traveling with family, you could book just one rental for the whole group or book multiple vacation rentals at once (and ask about a group discount).

Vacation rentals are perfect for families that want to feel like they’re at home when they’re on holiday. If you want the convenience of a kitchen and laundry machine while you relax at the beach for a week, use our vacation rental tips and give rental properties a try.